After Effects is extremely powerful by itself, but if you’re ready to take it to the next level and streamline your workflow, give these a try.

Reelsmart Motion Blur

Plugin for adding natural motion blur in post

Rendering 3D passes with motion blur can take forever! But motion blur can realy help sell a shot! Some of the GPU renderers (like Octane) handle this prety well but most of the time it’s faster to add blur in post. If you do a lot of 3D comping this will be your best friend!

AED Corner Cutters

Bunch of time saving tools for AE by Mt Mograph

A collection of 26! scripts to make your life easier in After Effects. Use the included toolbar or use individual scripts in your own workflow. Script icons are also provided if you choose to use them with other toolbars such as ft-Toolbar. What's new and changed? - Click the version history tab above or simply watch the videos. Version 2.1 - 3 additional scripts included.

Animation composer

Huge time saver for mograph! I bought this as soon as I found it

Free and Paid plug-in used by more than 50 000 motion designers.

CI Layer Stripper

Keep your projects tidy with the great little script

Layer Stripper examines all compositions in your project and removes layers which are invisible and not referenced by other layers as parents, effect layers, track mattes and even in simple expressions**.

Copy Pasta

Copy and Paste straight out of After Effects!

Tired of fiddling around with the render queue to export PNGs? Streamline a process that used to take upwards of ten clicks by exporting directly to your clipboard in one click! The quickest solution for sending your people the snapshots they need!

FX Console

Awesome workflow plugin for After Effects by Video Copilot

Speed up After Effects by making it work your way! Manage design progress with the new Snapshot tool and find the effects you need instantly!

Greymachine Scripts

A few free scripts you'll use all the time

These are expressions I use in just about every project, and I consider them to be incredible workflow enhancements.

Motion 2

Bunch of time saving tools for AE by Mt Mograph

- Customizable & compact UI - Packed with powerful tools - 20 + unique tools - 100's of custom controls - Used by professionals worldwide

OCD Renamer

Keep your projects clean and tidy with this automatic renamer

OCD renamer intelligently renames layers based on customizable settings. You can rename layers based on effects, children based on parents, parents based on children, mattes based on which type of matte they are and which layer is matted to them.

Optical Flares

Plugin for epic cinematic lens flares!

This is one of the plugins I still find myself using all the time, if used correctly (and not too over the top) it can make your work instantly better! And it plays well with comped 3D elements too. Unleash your inner Michael Bay!


Awesome Planet Creator plugin for After Effects by Video Copilot

Create 3D planet scenes directly in After Effects

PT Text Edit

Fastest way to organise your projects typography

Use pt_TextEdit to search for and edit text layers in your AE project. You can create your own text style presets and apply them to multiple layers at the click of a button.


Get the plexus effect!

Plexus is a plug-in designed to bring generative art closer to a non-linear program like After Effects. It lets you create, manipulate and visualize data in a procedural manner. Not only you can render the particles, but also create all sorts of interesting relationships between them based on various parameters using lines and triangles. The workflow for Plexus is very modular allowing you to create truly infinite set of configurations and parameters.


Awesome Energy Beam plugin for After Effects by Video Copilot

Create High quality energy & lights beams, Realistic Glow falloff, Advanced Core Settings, Built-in Distortion, 50 Presets (View Gallery), Dynamic Text and Mask Outlines, Stackable FX with Add mode

True Comp Duplicator

This will save you from Precomp hell!

Creates a complete duplicate of a comp hierarchy including sub-comps. If a comp is used multiple times, the comp only gets duplicated once and all remaining references point to the first duplicate. If the comps are arranged in a special folder hierarchy in the project panel, that folder hierarchy is preserved or duplicated (depending on user preference) for the duplicated comps.


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