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That’s all there is to it. All challenges start the first Friday of the month and end on the last Friday of the month (with final entries accepted late Thursday). Check the counter at the top of this page to see how long you have left to to submit!


1st Place- $100 DAZ 3D VOUCHER
2nd Place- $75 DAZ 3D VOUCHER
3rd Place- $50 DAZ 3D VOUCHER
The CG Shortcuts Staff Pick Award – $25 DAZ 3D VOUCHER

The vouchers can be used in the Daz Online Store where you’ll have access to thousands of pro CG assets you can use in almost any CG software! Feel free to use these assets in your next challenge artwork or personal work!

Besides these great prizes and getting a chance to improve your skills and show off your creativity, all of the winners will also get a shout out in a YouTube video on CG Shortcuts and 1st place will be immortalised in the ‘Hall Of Fame’ page of our website so your work will be seen by thousands of people – you’ll be a star!)


The winning entries will be selected by several criteria including likes, comments and engagement their work receives across The Facebook Group and Instagram (we are aware that some artists may have considerably more followers on instagram so this will be accounted for). So basically the community decides;)

The CG Shortcuts Staff Pick Award is an Honorable Mention that will be given to the artist who has shown the most improvement in their work and will be decided by CG Shortcuts (everybody has a chance to win this no matter skill level and experience).


You can submit as many entries as you like but they must be uploaded within the challenge timeframe (first Friday of the month to last Friday) so please don’t submit your old work (we’ll know if you do;)

If you submit your work in the first week you will have more time to get likes and engagement on social media, however you’ll have less time to spend on your art, but you’ll also have time to submit multiple artworks! Tricky isnt it;)

If you don’t tag your work correctly, we won’t find it, and if we can’t find it, you probably won’t win.

Winners will be contacted via Social Media (Facebook or Instagram). If you don't reply by the end of the following challenge (usually within about 4 weeks) you will forfeit your Daz prize so please keep an eye on your messages.

Any questions just ping them over in the comments, looking forward to seeing what you all create!

Good luck!



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